Sounds and Letters of American English: Learn The Difference

One of the reasons that American pronunciation is so difficult is that many words in English don’t sound the way they look. The sounds in the word don’t always match the spelling.

In this lesson, you will see how knowing the difference between sounds and letters of American English can help to improve your pronunciation.

When working to improve your spoken English you have to use your ear as your guide and train your ear to recognize the correct pronunciations.

I want you to become your own speech teacher so that you can correct yourself any time you hear a mistake in your speech.  Learning to recognize the SOUNDS of English instead of LETTERS of the alphabet is a great first step.


Homework for This Lesson:

  • Listen for the phrase that we talked about in the lesson.  If you hear it for yourself, you will trust that it is correct.
  • Tell us where you heard the phrase in the video above.  Tell us who used it and in what context.  Post your answers in the questions/comments section below.